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Every small town in the Midwest has its claim to fame. One may have the widest street in the U.S.A., another the best catfish dinners, the Corn Palace, a man-made grotto, a barn made out of bottle caps, or a bunch of hills covered with a bunch of faces. You name it and the Chamber of Commerce has thought of it --- and uses it.

But there's one phenomenon in the Midwest that nobody talks about. As a matter of fact, they completely ignore it. It has no name because people pretend it isn't there --- but it is. Just for clarification, let's call it Honker Hill.

There's a reason. A long time ago, the original Founding Fathers of the surrounding towns decided that Honker Hill (they didn't call it that) would be a great tourist attraction; so they spread the word. People came to the hill, looked up at it, and said, "Oh, my gosh, that is one tall hill!" Then they left. They didn't spend money at any of the surrounding town's stores. The Chamber of Commerce knew they better come up with something else to bring the tourists into town where it was easier for them to spend money.

It was decided Honker Hill (they still didn't call it that) would be ignored. The only recognition Honker Hill got was a warning to aircraft --- to stay away from it --- just in case it might be there. Nobody talked about it, looked at it, and most certainly never, ever tried to climb it. It was an unwritten law. A gentleman's agreement. A forbidden topic. A Midwestern thing.

If you tried to find it on the map, you wouldn't. If you asked for directions, nobody would know what you were talking about. If you tried to see it from a satellite picture, that area would always appear a bit fuzzy.

Nobody knew what was at the top of Honker Hill and frankly, they didn't care. How could they? It wasn't there. But there was something at the top --- and I'll tell you --- if you're willing to believe me when I say --- Honker Hill really exists.

Coming up soon --- you're gonna' find out what's at the top of Honker Hill ... and lots more !

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