joe-1.gif (42840 bytes) Joe was a very nice bear.
But he did have one problem.
He just couldn't say NO!

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Some of the other bears knew about Joe's problem and, from time to time, would take advantage of him.  They'd say, "Hey, Joe, lend me five bucks!"  And because Joe couldn't say  NO, he would lend them the money.
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Somebody else would say,  "Hey, Joe, I'm low on gas.  Will you push me a few miles?"
And because Joe couldn't say NO, he would push them.

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4.   Even some of the cubs would take advantage of Joe.  When the ice cream truck went by, they'd call out, "Hey, Joe, will you buy us some ice cream?"  He knew he shouldn't --- because all that sugar wasn't good for the cubs' teeth --- but he just couldn't say NO.