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Dale Hale

Remember those lazy afternoons when you were lying under a tree on the top of a hill, and you felt a soft, cool breeze on your face, and yet there wasn't a single leaf on the tree moving? Well, that probably meant WINGEARS were nearby cooling you off with the flap of their tiny wings and the puff of their gentle breath. A few people can see them all the time, some people see them part of the time, and other people just get a flash of them every now and then --- kinda like a bunch of butterflies fluttering about or a humming bird whirring by. It's been said that if there are any WINGEARS around, and you look through the thin petal of a rose, you can see them. Some people have glasses with rose petals for lenses, just so they're always ready to spot WINGEARS. That's probably where the expression "looking through rose-colored glasses" came from.

Want to see some silly sketches of WingEars? Then GO ON!

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