As a professional I try not to fall in love with my own creations. (this is a thick-skin builder in preparation for rejection). But every now and then I really do like/love a project that I’m told ... “is not commercial”. What that really means is ... “they” won’t pay me to continue to do more on it. So just because “they” don’t like it means I should dump it? I don’t think so! Pay or no pay ... if I created it and really like/love it I’m going to keep on nourishing it until it doesn’t need me any longer.

Anyway, all these like/love projects are starting to pile up in my studio. Anytime I do something new ... something has to be moved out. There’s no more room! SO ... I’m moving it out on the WEB.

There should be something for everybody. I’m a pretty square guy so don’t expect rot. I’m not saying I don’t like a little zest in some of the stuff I do but I stop at filth. So ...have fun!

Dale Hale

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